Unfortunately, as loved ones in our family grow older, the chance of them slipping and falling increases. Slips and falls can be very serious injuries for older people and can even be life-threatening if not treated properly. We here at 101 Mobility, the top choice for residential stair lifts in Philadelphia, are constantly dishing out tips to family members looking to keep their homes or a loved one’s home safe.

Here are a few easy ways to help reduce the risk of senior citizens from slipping, tripping or falling:

Clean the Home

One of the biggest factors can be the mess and clutter around the home. Although nothing may stand out to you at first glance, shoes left out in the open and newspapers or magazines on the ground can be difficult for some family members to walk over or avoid. Staying on top of clutter takes very little effort and can help drastically lower the chance of a fall taking place.

Proper Lighting

One of the biggest causes of falls is poor lighting. Making sure all family members young and old have proper lighting around narrow hallways, stairs, and other rooms in the house can help everyone get around more easily. Aside from making it easier to navigate around stairs and hallways, adequate lighting can also help make it easier to detect small objects that can easily lead to a slip and fall.

Shop With Us at 101 Mobility

At 101 Mobility, we have years of experience helping senior citizens and those with life-altering injuries get around their home more freely on their own. We take great pride in outfitting a home with home elevators, chair lifts, and other methods of getting around the house safely. Our products can help give you peace of mind when your older loved ones are home alone.

When it comes to stairlift mobility in Burlington County or another local area, turn to the top professionals who have proudly served the area for years. We are happy to help increase mobility and home dependence for senior citizens and those dealing with serious injuries. Give us a call anytime at 215-987-4367.

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