Stairlifts help make people’s homes more accessible if they struggle with mobility due to illness, disability, or old age. Although some people are reluctant to use assistive equipment at first, they’re always happy with their decision to invest in their mobility as soon as they start using a stairlift and regaining their independence.

As the leading provider of stairlift rental in Mercer County, we’ve listed some of the benefits a stairlift can bring to your home below:

Fall and Accident Prevention

For those of us who live alone, the idea of falling down the stairs and having nobody around to help us is a scary thought. Stairlifts can help to dispel this fear by providing a safe way to travel up and down the stairs. These reliable and comfortable chairs glide smoothly between floors in your property. Homeowners can regain their confidence and peace of mind as they no longer have to worry about getting injured after they decide to rent or purchase a stairlift.

Pain Prevention

Post-surgical pain, arthritis, and aching joints can hinder people’s ability to climb the stairs comfortably. Some people find themselves spending more time on the second floor of their homes that they would like to through fear the pain associated with using the stairs. If you are avoiding using your stairs due to illness, a stairlift will help to provide relief and help make your house more accessible. Nobody wants to feel like a prisoner in their own home.

Save Money

Are you considering moving into an assisted living facility due to ongoing mobility issues? Many people who struggle with stairs in their homes will consider moving to one-story living areas. However, if you love your home and don’t want to have to move to a new property or a care home, stair lifts can help. Investing in a stairlift can also save money in expensive care home facility costs. These one-time payments will pay for themselves many times over in comparison to monthly care-facility fees.

Regain Independence

If you are enduring pain daily, you may feel that your independence is compromised as your movements become more and more constricted. By investing in a stairlift, you will start to feel free again, moving swiftly around your home. The energy you conserve might help you get out of the house more and regain some of the independence that you have lost as a result of immobility.

For more information, and to view our full range of residential chair lifts available in Camden County, click here to visit the 101 Mobility website today.

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