When it comes to stairlifts, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. From outdoor wheelchair lifts to platform lifts and patient lifts, there are many options available to either rent or purchase. Every year, we help hundreds of Philadelphia residents reclaim and retain their independence by offering a myriad of accessibility solutions for purchase or rental.

But what option is best for you? 

Common reasons people rent stairlifts include:

Rental stairlifts are intended to be used in the short term rather than purchasing a permanent installation. Although rentals cost more over a year than buying a lift, some rental companies will change the agreement to a rent-to-own deal, or they will allow you to purchase the model outright after a period of renting. We recommend discussing the various options available before you start a rental agreement.

Typical Reasons People Buy Stairlifts Include:

We recommend you buy a stairlift if you are aware that you are going to require the benefits that they offer you for an extended period. Buying will save money in the long term over monthly rental payments. 

Mobility and accessibility issues are increasingly more common as humans live longer and longer lives. Most of the time, mobility issues progress gradually, and it becomes hard to identify the exact moment when a stair lift installation would improve your quality of life.

101 Mobility provides quality stair lift rentals in Philadelphia, as well as the surrounding area. Not only do we sell and install stair lifts, but we also service and repair them. Over the years, our team has developed an excellent feel for those who would benefit from buying or renting a stair lift.For more information, call 101 Mobility at 215-987-4367 or click here now.

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