You’ve concluded that having a stairlift in your home would take navigating the stairs from a challenge to a breeze. Given all of the mobility products on the market, you’re faced with a decision about which one is ideal for you, your home, and your budget. Perhaps you’ve come across Bruno’s Elan and Elite stairlifts and noticed that they come off a bit similar. However, there are distinctions between the two models that can help inform your final decision:

Weight Capacity

The primary difference between the two models is weight capacity. The Bruno Elan is able to hold up to 300 pounds whereas the Bruno Elite can hold up to 400; one of the highest weight capacities on the market. If a guest comes over and needs to use it or this stairlift is planning on being used by varying individuals, having the Elite’s extra weight capacity could be useful.

Adjustable Features and Rail Installation

Both models offer adjustable seat heights, the Elan offering a maximum height of 20.5 inches, and the Elite with a 23.25-inch maximum height. However, the Elite chair offers additional adjustable features for extra comfort, such as the footrest height and armrest width. Alongside these features, the rail installation for the two models is slightly different. The Elite is installed within six inches of the wall, whereas the Elan is five inches, which could make a difference depending on how wide your staircase is.

We currently offer the following model stairlifts from Bruno:


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