When you lose the ability to move freely around your home, you begin to lose the sense of freedom that you’ve always had. Simple tasks become more difficult. Stairs become a daunting challenge, and the idea of falling lingers in your mind during your ascension. These ideas shouldn’t cloud your mind when you’re in your house — and they don’t have to. At 101 Mobility, our stairlifts give people the freedom that they need to be comfortable moving throughout their homes.


The primary benefits of purchasing or renting a stairlift are the safety features they offer for people that have trouble maneuvering through their home. When people reach an age where going up and down stairs becomes a burden, stairlifts are a viable option. They minimize the risk that a person could be taking when traveling up or down stairs by reducing the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident. Minimizing these types of accidents can give you peace of mind, knowing that risks aren’t being taken during something as simple as moving throughout your home.

If a person can’t traverse staircases at all, stairlifts will keep them safe when moving from level to level. The stairlift will also restore their ability to move throughout the home, renewing their confidence in themselves as well as their family members.


The convenience of our stairlift choice and installation process is virtually unbeaten in Philadelphia. At 101 Mobility, we offer free in-home consultations, where our professional stairlift experts will assist you in deciding which type of stairlift is the best fit for your home as well as your specific needs.

Our experts want to help you make the right decision, and will help you choose from our variety of stairlifts. Our selection of stairlifts include straight stairlifts as well as curved stairlifts, which we install in Gloucester County and the surrounding areas. Once you’ve decided which kind of stairlift will work for you, we’ll have our installation experts come out and install it. In most cases, it doesn’t take more than a day for our professional installers to set up your stairlift and restore your freedom.

Additionally, if you only need your stairlift for a short amount of time, we conveniently offer temporary stairlift rental options in Delaware County, PA and the surrounding areas.

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