As a trusted provider of curved stair lifts in Philadelphia, 101 Mobility understands that stairs are among the first areas of concern for seniors or people with limited mobility. In fact, staircases pose severe injury risks if someone were to miss a step and fall. While you may be confident that it’s time to install something that ensures safety and assists mobility, you may not be entirely sure what option is best for you. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out this infographic for a comparison of home elevators and stair lifts, and continue reading to determine how 101 Mobility can customize solutions for you and your home. If you require additional consultation, come visit our showroom for more information.

Home Elevator or Stair Lift?

These two products offer a safe and secure way to access the bedroom and shower upstairs or laundry room in the basement. However, the question is, how do you determine which one of these options is best for you? While your specific needs will inform your final decision, we’ll give you an idea as to what each solution has to offer.

Stair Lifts

Professionals can install a straight stair lift soon after you buy it, while curved stair lifts may have a longer turnaround due to customized railing. To further ensure safety, there are upgrade options that our mobility experts can add to your stair lift, such as power folding and flip-up rail styles. Since there is no construction when installing a stair lift, this option can save you time and money. Stair lifts can pose risks for those who use a wheelchair or powerchair, as it requires the user to get up from their chair without assistance.

Home Elevators

A home elevator may be the more significant investment of the two, but it does offer several benefits to someone who requires a safe solution when navigating through the home. First off, home elevators give you the ability to travel multiple floor levels with the push of a button and can often be added to new or existing homes. While the initial cost may be higher, the addition of a home elevator will add value to your home. An elevator also provides its users with a variety of design options to match the decor of their home. Its high weight capacity makes it the safest accessible solution for those who use wheelchairs or power chairs.

Take a Test Ride At Our Showroom!

Are you interested in test riding our home elevators or residential stair lifts in Philadelphia? Pay a visit to our showroom to see for yourself how helpful our products can be for all of your residential or commercial mobility needs.

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