In-home mobility aids can transform your quality of life. It’s only natural to get frustrated when you’re restricted from maneuvering around your own home. Seniors or those with mobility challenges often struggle in two-story homes; however, with in-home mobility aids, traveling between two floors is made much simpler. 

101 Mobility works with individuals with mobility issues to help them live safely in the comfort of their home. Modifications such as stairlifts or home elevators are incredible options that can significantly reduce the risk of injuries caused by staircases. But which option is right for you? 

Infographic with images listing advantages of stairlifts and residential elevators.


A stairlift is a mechanical chair that is used to lift people up and down a staircase. The device is attached to a track that is screwed into the base of the stairs. A stairlift is a great option for those with mobility or balance issues, providing a safe and convenient way to access upper levels of the home. 

Stairlifts are installed by an experienced technician and can fit along both straight or curved staircases. Whether your staircase is preventing you from safely accessing another floor in your home or your backyard, residential chair lifts for Delaware County homes can accommodate indoor and outdoor settings. Unlike residential elevators, there is no construction required for installing a stairlift. In some cases, a home may not support an elevator, making the stairlift an ideal choice. If you or someone you know struggles to safely get around their multi-level home, visit our showroom to see our stairlift options!

Residential Elevators

Access all levels of your home in style with a residential elevator. This device has the capacity to take you from one floor to the next while ensuring your safety. Not only are residential elevators a great option for those with limited mobility, but they add value to a home as well. Similar to stairlifts, elevators can be customized to accommodate the color and design of your interior space. 

Another benefit of installing a residential elevator in your home is that it is the safest solution for those who use a wheelchair or power chair. Installing an elevator eliminates the need to get in and out of an electric mobility aid in order to access other floors in the home. 

Visit Our Showroom & See For Yourself! 

Before deciding on an in-home mobility aid, be sure to review each of your options in person. We want to ensure you have the best experience using our mobility aids, which is why we encourage you to visit our showroom and test out our “rides!” For more information about elevators or residential chair lifts in Philadelphia, feel free to give us a call!

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